Hip and Homeless (manimalogy) wrote,
Hip and Homeless

You Are the One When I Watch Myself

I like how the road behind my room, which all of my windows look out on, is normally the quietest road in all of Boston, and yet, on the sixth of May, Boston decides she needs some early road work. Aargh. Who does that? I bet even the construnction workers were hung over.

I had a fairly mild Cinco de Mayo, but I did get to hang out with the elite gay clique at BU. That was a trip.

I think I'm going to get lunch with Robe. OMG, speaking of Robe, on the way back from the party last night he carried a all the way home from Cambridge. This is the walk home. It was a good time. Plus, when I woke up, I have these ims from him.
Elevator Parade (11:46:53 AM): kirst....i slept on my own floor....
Elevator Parade (11:46:57 AM): i don't know how or why
Elevator Parade (11:47:16 AM): my contacts are still in, i was wearing all my clothes
Elevator Parade (11:47:19 AM): the lights were on
Elevator Parade (11:47:31 AM): and my door was open....i was p[ractcally in the doorway
Elevator Parade (12:19:07 PM): ....
Elevator Parade (12:19:09 PM): where is all my money?

Tags: aim convo, boston, robe, substance abuse

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