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I Want So Much More Than They've Got Planned

So, I haven't properly updated since the beginning of the month. What has happened? Well, Ver came home with me, and we visited Mike in NYC for a couple of days. He had a wonderful apartment right by the Hudson, with a terrace where I could smoke and watch the sunset and see construction in New Jersey. There was my little sister's communion party the Saturday before which was perpetual drunkenness (well, with my family, it always is). I like how we turned a religious party into just a party. Who else but my family would buy a keg for a nine year old's first communion party?

I got to visit with the BRC, and we actually talked. Really and truly, and it was grand. I know them better now, which is lovely. We saw Silent Hill, which really fell on its face with the hot nurse pop and lock dance troupe. I remember Buger King, and then the delicious everything bagel (with salt!) from the place by Christa's. Plus, now Christa loves Keifer, so I have an ally in the Sutherland love, though mine may be exclusively for Donald.

I got a job (!) as a diner waitress, and I'm in training (boo) so I've been working everyday this week. I like it. It's fast paced, and sociable. I always forget how much Latino men like blonde hair and blue eyes until I'm suddenly surrounded by nothing but ('I can't help it, Mami, I'm Latino,' they say). I'm going to work late night, which is just perfect because then I get to have my sleeping pattern.

Audrey trimmed my hair. I went shopping at Forever 21 for the first time ever and got a bunch of really cute tops. Brian got me two nice racerback beaters from Hollister (attached with the note: 'Congrats on the first day of work. Yep, Brian'). I finally found slim fit jeans (from H&M of all places), and I bought two pair! I have spent hundreds of dollars this month, but now I have a job, so it's sort of alright (shut up).

Ok, Beauty and the Beast is over, and I meant to fall asleep to that, so bed now. Mike kept me awake with his terrifying dreams. He really does have the most awful dreams (in his own words: 'I've stood by while shadows frenzy for faces, beheaded an angel while being raped by it, opened the gate to hell, and have turned into a tree'). And, I got to talk to Jayme and Ver tonight, so I'm very happy.

Oh, and speaking of this icon, (death note spoiler!!!), my love has now killed Yagami Raito.
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