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Like A Dream To Me

I haven't updated since the beginning of June. That just goes to show my poor time budgeting skills because I can't have a real life and an LJ life at once. And, boy, do I ever have a real life.

The most salient features of my recent life are 1) a recent bout of strep throat that left me speechless and unable to swallow (I could only drool, point, and sleep for three days) 2) Italy's win in the World Cup (OMG, it was penalty kicks both fairly and unfairly given, and Zidane got redcarded in the second overtime, and I was on the edge of my seat all game), 3) a 40 hour + work schedule (which is essentially the aforementioned 'real life'), and 4) a fairly regular track record with substance abuse, by which I mean perpetual drunkenness, or, really, once or twice a week.

Side notes include: my first ever driving ticket (signals, speed limits, and driving with one's license are vastly overrated), a boy named Jubin, an inability to stop shopping, and a desire to have my nose pierced, side tattooed, and current tattoo redone.

OK, I'm going out to lunch with Marge, Brian, and Molly so I have to get in the shower. Maybe I can be a better updater in the future. We know that won't happen.
Tags: sick, substance abuse, work, world cup 2006

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