Hip and Homeless (manimalogy) wrote,
Hip and Homeless

Quiet Hands, Quiet Kiss

I may or may not work entirely too much. I just finished a 10 am- 10:30 pm shift, I'm exhausted, and I'm getting in the shower. Carri and I are going to the pub with Andrea (her college roomie) and a bunch of the girls from work. It should be fun.

I got my septum pierced. In case you don't know, a septum is the skin between the two nostrils which divides the nostrils into two. I have a pink, 16 guage retainer in so I can flip it up at work. The Guatamalan guys at work say it reminds them of a pig because, apparently, in Guatamala, pigs get their noses pierced. Wilder drew me a pig, it's nice. He also said that he'd like to fuck me right by the soups, but he'd lift me up because he doesn't want me to get dirty. How considerate.

I have a trial set for my ticket. I just don't want a moving violation; I can't afford the increase in insurance. I bought some really cute shoes and underwear. I want a denim pencil skirt. Also this week, I think I'll get my tattoo reworked.

Do we all see that I make the switch from sexual harassment to the extremely mundane because that's how commonplace it is in my life. Yes, diners.
Tags: body mod, random, sexual harassment?, substance abuse, work

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