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I'll Be Counting Up My Demons

I just finished my second week of this semester, and I'm already behind in all of my classes. Well, I corrected that situation tonight, now I'm behind in only one of my classes, but still. Boo. I don't think I'll ever catch up in sociology. I remember in high school when we took 'sociology,' and I actually thought it was interesting. Now, I actually have to read Hobbes and Locke, and I can't be bothered. Boo, social contract theorists, take that shit home!

Also, in Greek we're reading Paul's first letter to the corinthians, so of course I was on the internet reading its translation today. But when I was done, I went and read some fic. I think I'm going to hell for opening fanfiction in the same window as the bible.

I kind of really want to come home before Thanksgiving. Now, in all honesty, I could go to Chinatown, take the Fung Wah bus to NYC's Chinatown, get on NJTransit to Trenton, and then do it all in reverse to get back, and all for around $40, but this has a few problems. I don't know how long it would actually take me to do this, plus I don't know how to navigate myself around NYC. I do in theory, but who can actually read a subway map?

Well, I leave you with that dilemma. I should really get to bed as I slept though all of my classes Friday, and I really shouldn't do that two classes in a row. I mean, I do the crossword in every sociology class, but it looks like I'm working, plus I get a good brain exercise!
Tags: college, failure, homecoming

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