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I'd Have Walked You to the Edge of the Water

Just (well, relatively) got back from the FREE Joanna Newsom show at the MFA. It was awesome. I wasn't too excited about it when we finally got there, but when she started playing I was really into it. I'm really glad I went, and ZMase and I decided that it was good to get off campus. We walked there while eating our food on the go - bagels, burritos, etc. - and it was just a nice day to be out. Getting into the show itself was a bit of a debacle, but all was cleared up (did you know that a star drawn on your hand in lipstick looks remarkably like the stamp they give you at the MFA?) and everyone got to go. Plus, it was college night ("music! free food! what could be better?") so I got to wander for a bit and look at art, which is always nice.

The venue itself was the atrium under a cloudy night sky. The weather was brisk (two sweaters & a jacket for me, yes, I am your grandmother), and the chirp of the crickets was the only other noise to be heard beside her harp and her voice. Her stage was set in front of the wall with ivy climbing, reaching for the columns set at the edge of the balcony. She was lit in a reddish-violet, and the way her hands moved was mesmerizing. Her new songs are all 'tours-de-force,' as Keight puts it, which is very true. At least three of the new ones she played were over ten minutes. She played "Peach, Plum, Pear," and everything was complete. Her new music is almost achingly beautiful, very much her loved-and-loving period.

I was so motivated to see the show I actually got most of my work done beforehand at work today. Just to give you an example, I have a paper due tomorrow that was completed yesterday. I'm going to fine tune my assignments due tomorrow now.

I'm so pleased with life right now.
Tags: a rare moment of productivity, concerts, joanna newsom, music

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