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Tracked on the Floor Where You Walked Outside

I really need to stop passing out when I get drunk (as Roberts deigned to write on my wall last night). I'm sure I missed out on some fun stuff last night, plus Roberts had to sleep on his own floor because I had taken his bed. It's not like I didn't get plenty of sleep the night before.

I have a pretty busy week coming, and it will only seem more so because it's only 4 days. I have two midterms on Wednesday, greek and latin, but I'm proud of me because I've already had my greek study group (where we went over all of it), and the latin one is tonight. I ought to be editing my paper that's due tomorrow, and maybe starting that annotated bibliography. I honestly never thought I'd have to do another annotated bib in my life. I can't tell if it makes me pleased in a reminiscing sort of way or makes me want to tear my hair out. Maybe the two aren't as different as one would think.

I think I want Salem to happen this coming weekend. They apparently have extended hours in October for "Haunted Happenings." Lame. But it will be fun. All of this October-y goodness is threatening to explode in my chest. As I walked home today, clear, pastel sunlight, ever so slightly brisk, I crunched yellow, red, orange, brown leaves under the soles of my shoes. I love October.

Does anyone have suggestions for a Halloween costume? I'm going to go shower and then do work! I think every weekend should be three days. Let's write a letter to someone about that.
Tags: "haunted happenings", a rare moment of productivity, college, october in all its glory, substance abuse

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