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Couldn't Make Me Believe In Your Past Or Your Lies

Life is exhausting. I'm marginally stressed about the five papers I have due in the next three weeks (four due on one day!), but I'll get through it. It's what I do.

In other news, I'm sick of this semester and just want to go home. I saw The Decemberists on the fourth (ages ago!), and they were incredible. I've made a playlist out of the setlist, if anyone's interested. The stage was set with 8 large, red chinese lanterns, and the lighting itself varied from clear light, a cool turquoise, a vibrant green, to occasionally a purple-ish hue. It was remarkable. They had so much energy and personality, both of which never seemed remotely affected or feigned. I think they were just as excited as the audience, who, by the way, was incredible. I've never experienced a more loving crowd. Everyone there was so pleased to be there, and it showed in their interactions with the band and others. I don't think I'll ever experience that again; it blew me away. I've never left a show feeling so exhilarated, so happy. That's how they left me: a mushy pile of glee and fangirlishness. The only thing which I feel necessary to mention in a negative light is the large man in front of us who decided to try every seat, successfully blocking our views.

I had a wonderful break. I got to see Aud and Carri, the BRC, and Casey and the family, along with my family. It was nice, no stress. I was stoned for most of it which was nice. Plus, Aud just told me that for Christmas she's going to trip face with me! I've wanted to for so long, and I wanted to do with people with whom I'm really comfortable. Yes, this will totally pull me through this last three weeks!

In closing, I have a funny anecdote to share. When Aud and Steph came up to visit, on that Saturday, we smoked up pretty phenomenally. Then, I was dazed all Sunday, which led to the following situation. Ver and I were getting ready to go to bed, and for some reason (neither of us can remember) we were talking about the GSU. I wanted to say it, but not like gissou, as we are wont, but by pronouncing the acronym, gee ess you. Unfortunately, I forgot how to pronounce the letter g. I was thinking, 'It makes the sound guh,' but I could not remember it was pronounced as gee. I stood there, going 'guh, gi,' until Ver said, 'Are you trying to say gee? It's gee. Kirsten, no more pot. You're an english major who just forgot the letter g.'

I leave you with those words of wisdom. Plus a meme.

Tags: concerts, failure, meme, sad but true, substance abuse, the decemberists

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