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Highlights of Friday:

We went and saw 'Once Upon A Time In Mexico.' That movie was so bad. My personal favorite lines are:
- 'Are you a Mexican or a Mexican't?' Johnny says this.
- 'Can you hear me now? Good.' (said while Johnny's talking on a cell phone)
- 'Savvy?' Yes, Johnny does say this.
- 'I'm living la vida loca.' Johnny says this as he stumbles around eyeless.
- and at one point Johnny says something about sugar-butt, boners, and skull-fucking.

It seems Johnny got the collection of really dumb lines. The movie was so bad that I think I may need to see it again. We wathced lots of super good anime as well. Lain, Trigun, Excel Saga and we wanted to get to some Hellsing in but we watched maybe 3 episodes of Excel Saga so we never found the time. We also watched 'Fight Club' which is one of my favorite movies. Then the mexican's parents were late so we just hung around and watched some Yugi-Oh!. All the little boys are so skinny on that show. So cute. Yugi-oh's outfit reminded me of Wolfwood, whom I'm still mourning. I suspect the DJ layout will soon be some sexy preistly goodness. I'm now doing a stupid American History project due tomorrow and I still have to make posters for CYO. I sound busy don't I? I slack too much. This project shall be completed before 10 tonight, and if it's not, you can shoot me. All of you.


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