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I have had a very productive night of scouring the internet for links to add to my bookmarks folder entitled "things i want." Let's start with my feet, shall we? These boots hit a level of awesomeness that knows no bounds. From the same company comes these mary-jane-type shoes. Real ballet flats only leather so they are actually lasting. These might be the sexiest shoes I've ever seen. And rounding it out with a sexy schoolmarm shoe. Then we move on to coats. I'm trying to choose between this coat and this one. The blue one is amazing because it's double breasted, a beautifully rich color, a great length, and has a removable hood. The white one is awe-inspiring. I'm not sure I can some up what I love about it so much. I want this one either way. I think I'm going to ask my parents for this external hard drive for Christmas.

I think I'll end this post of gross consumerism with a link to the Marc by Marc Jacobs sandals I bought a few weeks ago. And this link to the tenth dimension!

ETA: I reorganized my tags. It's an oddly fulfilling thing to do.
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