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There Is No One Compares With You

I haven't updated in over a month. It was a month during which many things happened, but it will not do to look back. Or, I'm terribly lazy. I actually have been meaning to post and to break this self-imposed hiatus, but the more I delayed, the more I had to account for in the end-hiatus post. So I've decided to just not even go back.

I have seen Stomp the Yard twice this weekend, and I do not regret that at all. It's fantastic, and I need the songs, and I need icons! This new semester is going well (I'm only a week into it), and I think I'll enjoy it although I don't really feel like doing this college thing this semester. I'm applying for the ICCS Rome program and just doing it makes me nervous. I hope I get in, but I know I'll nearly die of nerves until I get there (while I'm there, too, most likely).

I have to re-organize all of my music, and I mean file by file, because I nearly lost it all. The full story is this: I wanted to move all my media to my external hard drive, so I told my laptop to do that. My laptop decided to only give the external drive up to the I's, so all of my music after Iron & Wine was gone. Luckily, The New iPod of Glory and Fantastic-ness had it all, so I took all the music off there and put it in my external hard drive. Unfortunately, my iPod organizes music in folders F00 through F49, with each holding around 130 files named an arbitrary four letters. So, I just went through F00. It took a long time. I'm secretly very pleased because now all of my music will have the same formula for naming.

I read Good Omens over the break, and it was terribly pleasing. Now I want to read more Pratchett, and perhaps I'll give Gaiman another go. I also watched Queer as Folk seasons 1, 2, and half of 3. And, Christa, I took your advice and started watching Heroes. It's really good, and new episodes start tomorrow!

Also, I wanted to share the anecdote of my first interpersonal experience in Boston in 2007. As I came up the stairs at the Kenmore T stop, the homeless man who always sits there told me to 'have a spytacular double oh seven.' I really enjoyed that.
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