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Death Wears A Big Hat 'Cause He's A Big Bloke

I just finished writing my personal statement for the Rome study abroad program. I'm ridiculously excited about the prospect of going to Rome. BUT it might actually be better to go in the spring. If I stayed at BU for next fall I could take Latin with PJJ, whom I just adore, and Greek history with Samons, who is just fantastic. It would probably be a great semester. Hmm, decisions.

Also, Michelle had her baby! Last night (or this morning?) at 12:37 am, over 8 lbs, over 20 inches, unfortunately named Jedidiah. I can not believe this child's name is Jedidiah. I think she wanted to punish him for how uncomfortable she was during the pregnancy. That's the only answer I can find for why she'd want to sabotage him with the name Jedidiah. No, Jed is not a cool nickname. Be that as it may, all are alive and well and excited!

I'm behind in life!
Tags: course selection, failure, personal, study abroad

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