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Instead of Bombing Our Neighbors

I haven't updated since January, but that's okay because February is a pointless month anyway. I officially have everything completed and sent in for the ICCS. With hope, I'll get in, but it would be no great loss if I didn't. Next semester at BU promises to be pretty dominant. I'd get to live in a great apartment with Keight, take PJJ's Aeneid class (12 books, 12 weeks), Greek History with Samons, plus Brit Lit II, and either history of the english language (!!) or twentieth-century British & Irish poets (Yeats to Heaney!). Whatever happens, happens, and I'm content either way.

I suppose I've done nothing of much note in February. I went shopping and bought cute underwear and outerwear. I'm nearly done watching Queer as Folk, as in I'm halfway through the last season. I'm reading a really interesting book called I, Claudius for my Suetonius class. I wrote a paper which I liked on Beowulf. I tripped face for the first time ever, and now I'm taking a break from illicit substances. It was really mentally and physically taxing. I don't regret it though; it was a great time.

Now I've got to get some work done, as I have three midterms this week (1 Wednesday, 2 Thursday, which were originally all on Thursday), and a bibliography due tomorrow.

Christa's in Ireland (!), and I'm terribly jealous. Safe trip and all that.
Tags: a rare moment of productivity, books, classes, end hiatus, failure, gross consumerism, i claudius, midterms, queer as folk, random, study abroad, tv

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