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I'm Electric Now From The Pure Brilliant Sparks You Shot

I'm tipsy and have class at 8 am.

I played kings two times over, had a little talk on the street, loved everyone, wrote an essay in 2 hours, got a book about welsh (<3's Mike!), and just generally had a great evening.

Even though this semester sucks, the people in it are some of the best I've ever known, and I am so glad that I ever meet them. (I was going to say 'found them,' but I find that offensive, as if they were just pointless until I met them and assigned their various worths.)

<3, <#, love, heart, whatever else expresses the joy in my chest area right now.

Also, tonight, Verity said I do not believe in love, but that's false. I just don't know about the romantic concept of love. I find that a little faulty, especially since it wasn't really thought of until about the 14th century, or (if I'm generous) the 10th century.

Yesss, Mozilla has a spell check. Sweet.

I love this icon. Also, I really like Azureus, although I think I shouldn't have tried the beta 3.0.

Tags: feelings, internet piracy, random, sleep, substance abuse

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