Hip and Homeless (manimalogy) wrote,
Hip and Homeless

What Else Can I Do?

I'm bored tonight, waiting for Mike. So I decided to translate some Catullus. I kind of sort of like it.

[latin, in case you know it]
Iam ver egelidos refert tepores,
iam caeli furor aequinoctialis
iucundis Zephyri silescit aureis.
Linquantur Phrygii, Catulle, campi
nicaeaeque ager uber aestuosae:
ad claras asiae volemus urbes.
Iam mens praetrepidans avet vagari,
iam laeti studio pedes vigescunt.
O dulces comitum valete coetus,
longe quos simul a domo profectos
diversae varie viae reportant.

[a more literal translation]
Now, spring restores unchilled warmths,
now, the fury of the equinoctial heavens
grows quiet with delightful western breezes.
Catullus, let the Phrygian camps and the
rich soil of sweltering Nicaea be abandoned:
let’s fly to the bright cities of Asia!
Now, my impatient mind yearns to roam,
now, my glad feet grow lively with excitement.
Farewell, oh my sweet band of companions,
who, having traveled far from home with me,
head back on different paths in different directions.

[my translation]
At last, Spring restores warmths once frozen,
at last, the heavens, furious with change,
are quieted by pleasant sighs from Zephyr.
We ought leave behind these campus doldrums
and these dirty streets in this seething city.
We ought fly to breezy beaches in the sun.
Already, my trembling heart yearns to roam,
already, my happy feet tap in anticipation.
Oh, my wonderful family of friends, goodbye,
you, too, have come far from home,
return by different paths to different homes.
Tags: catullus, latin, nerd, poetry

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