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So, remember this post in which I ramble on about the ICCS and how even if I don't get in I'll have a good time in Boston and at the end of which I essentially convince myself it's a good thing to stay in the US? Well, I'm going to Rome anyway. I got pulled off the waitlist just last Friday and now I have a shitton of things to do so that I can get to Italy legally.

The passport is the most annoying part because even expedited it takes four weeks, which is really time I don't have. So I have to make a special appointment when I only have two weeks left so that I can get it in a few days. But then I have to get my visa. Oh my.

Who cares if it's this stressful to get ready because when it's all over, I'll be living in Rome for three and a half months. Oh my god, I'm so excited.

I am sort of sad to go though, but I can always have great times in Boston and I know that for as long as this amazing group of people I rub elbows with sticks with me I will.
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