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I'm Not Betting On The Afterlife

So my first two weeks in Rome have been rather wonderful. I have been some pretty awesome places already, and I know more are to come shortly. The people here are surprisingly delightful; there are some who are a little beyond hope, in terms of what I'm looking for, but c'est la vie. Most of the people here are interested in getting out into the city, both to see the history and to get shitfaced, which is me in a nutshell. I just made a flickr account today so that I can put up all the pictures I'm taking, and, believe me, it's a shit ton. I'm so stoked about this program, it's ridiculous. The workload is a little uneven, as in most of our work is due Monday through Wednesday, but I have no time management skills so it's a bit of a problem. I'm hoping to fix that, if I can, maybe, but we all know how I am.

On a non-abroad related note, I took Manda's career thinger and my top ten matches are - professor, clergy, occupational therapist, ESL teacher, foreign language teacher, corporate trainer, computer trainer, gerontologist, motivational speaker, and art/music therapist. Some of them are a little questionable, but two of these items qualify as exactly what I want to do with my life.
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