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Settling into another year in Boston, except this time in Allston, which, if it's possible, seems to have more undergrads than BU proper. The house is amazing. I forgot how wonderful it is. As people who have seen it have said, it's one of the 3 nice houses in Allston. It's beautiful, and porchy, and green! I got the bedroom I was hoping to get. When we drew numbers and I saw that I had 1, I almost laughed out loud. It's strange, but I never considered living in one of the other bedrooms. When I imagined this year, I was always in this room. Obviously, it's not a huge deal, but I'm centered in an area that comfortable and interesting, and I'm grateful.

My classes are all manageable, it would seem. The Latin prose composition course will probably take a lot more time than I realize right now, but that's OK because it's grad level and if it wasn't challenging me then there would be something wrong. Greek history is obviously amusingly informative as J. Samons is the best lecturer at BU. Conversational Italian seems great. I already feel like I'm building up my vocabulary. Today, we watched il telegiornale on the particle accelerator. NUTS. STRING THEORY. This is going to be wacky. I'm also taking Applications Programming with ZMase, which is fun because now he realizes that it's perfectly normal to take to yourself while coding. Also, yoga! I've finally entered our huge Fitrec center. It's colossal.

Today's one of those grey days that feels inherently sad. It's windy and brisk, and huge dark clouds blot out the sun. Also, Roberts and I were talking about the upcoming summer (which is silly because it's September), and I thought we were all living here but he's going home and Zach is going to Teach for America in June. Sad. I never want Houseasaurus to end. Although, I could probably do without a certain housemate. I think about it, and I'm not sure why we're friends anymore. I can say nothing without angering her, and I'm not going to be sniped at and made to feel uncomfortable all year again.

I am making a vow right now that I will update this thing this year. It feels good to write.


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