Hip and Homeless (manimalogy) wrote,
Hip and Homeless

Your Eyes Catch The Light With Promises That Might Come True For A While

It's only 9:15 and I'm already done my homework! I even caught myself up on my Greek history readings. Well, only partially because I don't have Hesiod, which I seem to know well enough since I passed the reading quiz on it anyway. All in all, this is a swell evening. I do feel sort of lazy for not going to yoga, but I was feeling really loaf-ish earlier and I <3 Huckabees was on TV. The premiere of It's Always Sunny... is tonight, and we're having some people over to celebrate. That show is really great. I think I missed the House premiere earlier this week. Oh well.

After I made my last post I decided to overhaul my icons. I edited out the ones I never use (I still had a Hayden Anakin!), plus I found some new ones. Autumn-y, hallowe'en-y ones!

I really have nothing to write about, but I've decided to update this thing at least weekly just for myself really. Actually, one odd thing has happened this week. I was at work, and my friend was helping someone with his Spanish homework. Then he asked who the professor was since he knows pretty much everyone, and the kid replied a hot, blonde chick. Another co-worker who hadn't been listening just responded, "Who, Kirsten?", and it was really strange to me. Of course, I find it flattering (why else would I even remember it to write it?), but it's also very strange. Over the past couple of years I've been learning to become comfortable in my body, but I would never just declare myself a hot chick. I've decided after much contemplation - as most everyone has had much time to seriously ruminate over their appearance - that I'm the type of girl who is considered attractive only after you've gotten to know her. It's not a self-esteem or -image issue, I just don't think I could be considered conventionally pretty. Anyway, that's probably the only thing that sticks out to me about the week.
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