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OK, I've not been making good on my promise to update once a week, apparently. Oh man, I'm bad at doing stuff. But I do have something to post about! My sister had another baby! Amelia Therese Flores, she'll go by Lia. I think I'm going to go home next weekend to meet her. That means I'll also get to see Addy! Plus, if I go home with Michelle, I get to see Cara and Jed too! It'll be a babyful weekend!

This weekend we're going to Salem! Fuck yes! Fucking Haunted Happenings, fucking finally! I was so upset last year when I was abroad, and the kids went. Rob even flipped off Hawthorne! Sacrilege! Not my Nathaniel! But this year I get to partake. I'm so stoked!!! Three exclamation points excited!

Here's another odd story I can preserve here: the other night, Roman and I were going to sleep, and he made a comment about my butt being cold. I told him it was because it was all fat, and it just stored all the outside chilly, and he got angry at me! Because I said my butt was fat! I wasn't saying it was like stretch-pants-fanny-pack fat, but it's definitely fat. He said 'girls are delusional if you really think that,' and then he went on to extol the myriad virtues of my butt. Which seems like it could be sweet in some weird, terrible romantic comedy type of way, but really it just made me uncomfortable. What a boyfriend I have. What a romantic. My butt.
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