Hip and Homeless (manimalogy) wrote,
Hip and Homeless

Abel Heard His Papa Pray

Hot damn, I can not do school work anymore. I have been at the library for approximately 9 hours and have only written about a page. And that's with me modifying the size of my punctuation marks to up my page count, plus using a large font. Lordy lordy, saints preserve us.

Also, the prom was a hot fucking mess. I had a great time, but there were times I would have redone. Like when I was that girl with Rhys and then when I annihilated Verity. Both encounters rather uncalled for. This will sound horrible, but I regret the Rhys thing more. I want to go back to just having a crush on him; it's more fun that way. Now it'll be all sorts of awkward. Boo, because he's a really great guy, and I would have liked to have been proper friends with him. I'd have gotten over the crush eventually.

I also had lots of fun with the Irish. I think I just didn't want the night to end, and also I wanted to sort of reclaim it as a fun night. I definitely did that. But then Roman got all huffy, and I got in a little fight with him. I think I may have just been extremely volatile all night long, and he doesn't deserve that because all he does is make me happy and I feel like I give him more grief than I ought. He puts up with it so he's getting something out of it, I suppose.

Also, Kate, Zach, and I went to see 17 Again, and let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised by the caliber. Everyone was pretty much spot on, except really Michelle Tractenberg. Also, Zach and I have added the ZEfron to the list of "People Who Could Play Hamlet," which is the new game we've been playing for the last week. So far we have: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Will Smith, and John Malkovich 30 years ago. It's more fun than you might think!

OK, to work, but first, a little fun for all.

Me and the two I'll be moving to Oakland with come September! OMG, ~*~prom~*~ was so0o0o much fun!
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