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We went to Maine this weekend, and it was amazing. We stayed at Meg's uncle's house, which is beautiful. The house had a wonderful kitchen and could sleep 22! It's technically a "ski cabin," but it's nicer than my house so I can't even imagine what his everyday home must look like. At first it was a little creepy because the house is in a remote ski resort town so no one was there, and it was heavily wooded, and it just felt like a horror movie setup. But everyone made it out alive so no worries. We went swimming in the Androscoggin River at a swimming hole called Frenchman's Hole, I shit you not. It was my first time swimming in a river, and I had a shit ton of fun. I'd like to go back if the drive weren't so long; it was about 4 hours. However it does take us through New Hampshire, the buy-one-get-one-free or die state, where we bought cheap booze in ridiculous quantities!

The only drawback to this weekend was that I forgot my birth control so I missed my Friday and Saturday pills. I've been on HBC for about a year and a half, but I didn't realize exactly how much my body is kind of dependent on those hormones. Yesterday night I got super moody and this morning I started my withdrawal bleed/"period". I hope it stops. I don't feel like spotting for a week until my placebo week; that's why I stopped taking Seasonique.

Anyway I'm home now. I'm still a little bitchy, but maybe a nice hot shower and some lounging around watching Buffy will perk me back up.

Also, HBP this week! Zach, Meg, and I are going to see it at midnight on Tuesday!
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