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There's One More Song We Might Sing If You Want

HBP was incredible. I feel like the entire trio took serious acting lessons in between OotP and this and came out much better for it. Specifically, Emma no longer emotes solely with her forehead. Also, Dan during the Felix Felicis scene was so funny; I loved that they made him high for the aftereffects of the potion. Plus, Jim Broadbent was just perfect as Slughorn. I didn't particularly like his character in the novel, and I'm not sure that you're supposed to, but he just brought the character to life in such a believable and true way that I started to like him. And Tom Felton finally branching out as a real character, which is J.K.'s doing, but he really sunk his teeth into the new depth. Also, the movie was full of humor and perhaps not quite explicit sexual themes. It really seemed like Dumbledore was pimping Harry to Slug.

It's my favorite novel so I guess I could complain about the changes (as a kid on the way out was about the Burrow Christmas attack), but I think that their adaptations were well chosen and only enhanced the story. Turning a 600 page novel into a completely faithful movie is silly; it's what made Watchmen so unwatchable. I like that they changed it from a sort of mystery novel is-Draco-a-Death-Eater? into a dual narrative of the trio seeing to their business and Draco doing what he has to. I think perhaps they introduced too little of Tom Riddle, because the things Harry learns under Dumbledore are absolutely crucial to his being able to defeat Voldemort in The Deathly Hallows, but this is definitely the best one yet. As Zach said, if you took all the best parts from the previous five and made them a movie, they wouldn't be better than this one.
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