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Somewhere In The Clouds, There's You

I'm moving home on December 9. I sort of feel like a huge bum for trying to move out to California and failing, but also I feel really excited to be home. Aud and Carri are waiting for me to go dress shopping for Aud's wedding, and I'm super excited about that. I've been watching Say Yes to the Dress like a spinster recently. I love going shopping for other people. I have so many opinions, and I love sharing them. I'm going to be happy about this move home. I'm going to enjoy living and eating for free, being near to my best friends, having a job. I will be happy in PA.

Also, I'm totally obsessed with the Southern Vampire Novels. True Blood started it, then Alexander Skarsgard (who will always be Meekus in my mind) escalated it, and now I've read all of the novels several times. I had to know what happened after the silver bomb in season 2. Charlaine Harris did it better. Alan Ball can suck mah balls. The next one should come out in May and TB season 3 starts in the summer so that's another fun thing I can look forward to in PA.

Also, when I'm in PA, I'm closer to Boston, and I can go see Roman! When I first moved away, maybe the first month or so, I missed him so terribly I could barely breathe. It's easier now, being away from him, which is not something I particularly like, especially not when he sounds so miserable on the phone, but c'est la vie. I'm not going to lie, sleeping with someone else really helped mend my broken heart. I don't exactly regret sleeping with him, but I think I'm not going to continue to do so so that seeing Roman again will be more special. Wow, Roman has in own tag in my journal.

Also, I'm loving Community. It's easily the best new show on TV this fall. Also, I've caught up on The Office, and I like pretty much everything about it except Michael and Dwight. Really, I love Jim and Pam.

I don't know how I'm still tipsy. I stopped drinking during Zach and my viewing of When Harry Met Sally (loved it), but I still feel a little fuzzy upstairs. Water and sleep time.
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