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The End to an Incidentally Year Long Hiatus

There was no reason for that year long hiatus except laziness and lack of an interesting life, which isn't exactly true but covers most of the bases.

My year in bullet points:
  • Doing unfulfilling diner work from December through May, though the pay was quite nice

  • Slowly descending into the seedy, shameful world of both Twilight & the Southern Vampire Mysteries, a depth from which I've only recently began to resurface - didn't want to get the bends, har har

  • Going to New Orleans (!) for Mardi Gras (!!) with Hanner & Ice to visit Nick, 3 wonderful friends I met studying abroad in Rome

  • Getting a seasonal, part-time position in municipal government Parks & Recreation in May and working 40 hours a week both there & at the diner

  • Being offered & taking a permanent, part-time position at the twp & therefore leaving unfulfilling diner work behind, but also taking quite a pay cut

  • Founding a new annual tradition, Friendependence Day!

  • Having weekly dates over summer with Christa & Amanda that always included great food, beer, and TV, but now Manda moved to NYC and Christa and I are forever alone

  • Joining a weight loss program in the end of August, in which I've so far lost 20 pounds (!)

  • Having Halloween in Nashville, TN with all my lovies from study abroad

  • One of my best friends getting married in November, which made me realize that normal people get married & they stay normal people; they don't magically transform into an old married couple with no life but themselves

  • Developing perhaps an alarmingly Sex-and-the-City-esque desire for shoes

Now it's coming on Christmas! I love Christmas! I've already got my shopping done for my parents. For my mom I bought a 2-in-1 food processor/blender, a 5-speed hand mixer, and an immersion blender. For my dad I bought a really nice pair of Polo driving moccasin slippers and a gift certificate to the restaurant he and my mom go to every week for their Friday night dinner date. I know it sounds like I love my mom more from that list of gifts, but in fact my dad's just impossible to shop for, which is the elusive way of all fathers I'm told.

I've got 2 secret santas this year, which is just as well considering the aforementioned considerable pay cut. I've made my own wrapping paper this year, and once I get a mini-sd card for my phone (which I drunkenly lost whilst drunkenly smashing my phone on the floor of a crazy bar - 5 shots for $10!), I'll post a photo of some things I've already wrapped. There's pretty blue ribbon and silver jingle bells on the bows! I love Christmas!

I'm going to try to post more often. I'm going to have this account forever as I bought a permanent account on a whim in high school so I might as well use it.
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