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Methinks I will enjoy X2 tonight. So many quality movies being released this month methinks my head shall explode. X2. Down With Love. The Matrix: Reloaded. Read a tres interesting article on The Matrix. Well actually it was a Carrie Ann Moss interview, but who cares? It said they pulled an LOTR and shot for 18 months in Australia for the two sequels, The Matrix: Reloaded and The Matrix: Revolutions. They spent $300 million. That is a ridiculous amount. We could finance a few third world countries with that money, but instead it will amuse the sedentary American. What a bleeding heart I am. *Is disgusted by self.* Sounded like Liz there. Done. I shall enjoy those movies though. Revolutions comes out in November. There just popping them out. Ridiculous. I can not wait for summer. School is becoming unbearable. Can only draw the ring so many times. Oddly enough, I'm still in my uniform. My preciousss. I was in it until 9 yesterday. Whoa. Someone needs a life. I must get ready for X2. Ta~ta.
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