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Everyone in my family has been in such a bad mood lately, and now I'm in a bad mood. My mom is going through menopause and she's being such a bitch. If she says one more thing about gay people being immoral... Man, it's so annoying. And then my little brother thinks he's cool by being a dick and my older brother thinks that I can just do all of his computer assignments because he doesn't want to come home from being out with his friends. And Molly has been so annoying lately. Everything that happens she cries about. She's 7 now, she can't do that anymore. And so my dad is in a bad mood b/c he hates it when she cries. He always has, so he'd just give her whatever she wanted, and now he can't stand it because when she cries, she is expecting to get whatever it is that she wants. I'm so angsty.

And anyway, I'm really tired. I had a really good weekend. I'm really glad about that. I hope this week doesn't drag on forever like last week. School = bah.
Tags: angst, rant, school

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