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Rufus Wainwright concert in approxamitely 23 hours. I am so ecstatic for this event. I will actually be in his presence. I will be seated 10 rows from him. Too bad he's gay, I would rape him marry him. I need to find a way to persuade a gay man to marry me. Hmm...one that doesn't involve a sex change operation. Anyway, I have to go re-read Pygmalion (I LOATHE SHAW), and then shower.

Sorry I've been so inactive lately. I've discovered that Deadjournal let's free accounts make styles and I've been goofing around with them; figuring out how to use it and the like. Oh, well. I shall peruse the friends page tomorrow and comment. I promise.
Tags: concerts, lj, pygmalion, rufus wainwright, shaw
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