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Thanksgiving was fun. Except for the fact that Brian, my little brother, spilled Coke on the keyboard. I tried to clean it but it still messed up the keyboard, so now we have our old one, from the last computer we had. I think that's where it came from.
Anyway, yesterday, I dyed my hair. The underside is a dark brown, and I got some streaks near my face and the part of my hair, but for the most part it's still my blonde. I love it. It's sort of like Hillary Duff's hair, I guess. Audrey and I hung out and we watched 28 Days Later. What a weird movie. But the guy was cute. Actually, he looked like a cross between Jude Law, and Bastion from the Neverending Story. He was uber adorable.
Today, I had the CYO pancake breakfast, but I forgot and got there at 11 when I was supposed to get there at 8. Oh well, Jared and I farted around, talked about movies, poured drinks. Then we had to clean up. When I got home I had chicken salad and watched The Son-in-Law. Hence the subject title. Anyway, not that you're all caught up on me, I think I'll go read the friend's page and catch up on you. Ta.
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