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You Know That I Love Ya Hun:

Snowy days. I saw Big Fish on Tuesday. I wept, like a baby. I tried to go see it again yesterday but it was all full so we went into Cheaper By The Dozen instead, which was, surprisingly, not that bad. Not too much Hilary Duff and Steve Martin's face wasn't as aggravating as usual.

I've been working on my new Hedwig style. Well, I had been until it got deleted somehow and now it is nothing. Ce la vie. I can't spell French.

I hacked my finger during the art exam. Me + exact-o-knife = danger. It's fine now, but my art teacher thought I was going to need stitches because I was practically hemorrhaging. Wow. I can't spell at all today. O well.

My dog was following me around trying to steal my beef jerky. What a bitch. And when I came downstairs from my shower she was walking around on the dining room table. She's getting much too big to do that.

Well, off to work on that style. Yay.



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Jan. 21st, 2004 05:36 pm (UTC)
c'est la vie, not too bad... anyway wow i got all kindsa nauseaous(my spelling booboo) reading your entry *is woosy* speaking of woosie-ness, but more of weak-in-teh-kness-i-ness...err yeah, anyway rufus!!! we need to go i dont care when or where, but we need to go again!!

hey the kids behind me in study were talking about what a bizarre movie clockwork orange is and i was like wow...kirsten should be here! i dont know but i need to see big fish cold mountain and some more rotk just for balance... yeah we should do something this weekend 'cos it's chinese new year!!! or you should all come to the home show and meet andrew dan jumbo 'cos i have vip passes (yes, i am that cool)
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