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New Layout:

OK, so my new layout is finally up, and I think I've got everything the way I want it to be. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm never fully confident in these things. OK.

Uhhh, yea. I've found a new husband. He's in this icon I'm using. He is so super adorable. He was in The Skin of Our Teeth, which I just saw Thursday. And his pants were a little tight and revealing. Oi. They made me blush.

I had a history paper due yesterday, which I'm no where near finished and my Camus paper is due Wednesday. This week is going to be fun. Then on the 23rd I have to act out my Marc Antony speech, "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears," from Julius Caesar, and then I have to do a map of the Roman empire. Man, why does Febraury suck so hard? Oh, well. I'm excited for New Hampshire next weekend. I can't wait to see Michelle. Hopefully, she'll look pregnant. Yay for pregnant sisters! Ok, away I go. Ta!
Tags: layout, lj, school, tight pants!, zach wegner

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