January 17th, 2005

christmas: should have more explosions

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My hair is awesome. Audrey did such an amazing job. If I was a cool emo kid, I'd take pictures of myself at odd angles and then post them.

alienannie's layout is done. Gun themed, gothic font, shades of green. Overrides suck ass.

Kristin, what do you want your layout to look like? Get back to me! Amanda, did you want a layout, or am I just going crazy?

Ok, I'm going to bed. Anne's layout took me longer than I thought it would. It wiped me out. :D
christmas: should have more explosions

(no subject)

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Anyone else think that means I'm dying soon? *dramatic music rises to crescendo*

Really, I must get around to studying for those exams tomorrow. LJ is the death of my academic career.
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