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It's Time To Punch The Clock:

Skipped school again today. This stupid paper is going to be the death of me. One can only hope. I'm a little less than half done. Due in 19 hours. I hope I can finish it. I'll just be so relieved when I'm finished with this stupid thing. *stab*

Got rejected by awesome_layouts. That means I have no chance at layout_elitists. Poo. I'll have to do something after I'm done this paper. That'll be my reward. I'll get to make a layout once I've completed my required tasks. I'm a huge nerd.

I made a new LJ today, wave_103. That's 3. Not including my deadjournal and xanga. Oi. I really am a huge nerd. O_O *death*

The paper beckons. Marge wants it done by 5. Yo, God, can you hear me?
Tags: camus, failure, geek, layout, lj
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