May 26th, 2007

sbp: egregious hedonism

Oh, You Gotta Be

I have lived through finals, packing, the week at Michelle's, birthday parties, and all official 'I-haven't-seen-you-in-a-while-so-we-simply-must-hang-out-the-first-week-you-come-home' hang out sessions. The real reason I want to post is this facebook message from one, Verity Gale Salmon, and my reply:
i have to ask...

did you do coolin 0'brain?

just an observation on body language in the post-finals bender photo album that zach made :)

i am very sad i missed the debauchery.

Ah, my v-tas, asking the hard hitting questions.

I did not, in fact, do Coolin O'Brain. That would be weird.

I am also very sad that you missed it.
Love the lady, even though she was such a hosebeast that last month and a half. I will miss her as she's off eastern-Germany gallivanting.
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