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I realized just now how much I love music. It is my life. Everything I do I am listenign to music or singing (not well, but it counts!). This all came on when I realized that Rufus Wainwright rocks my socks off as well as Jeff Buckley. Two of the most beautiful voices to ever be in existence.

I love reading. I love books. In reading, we can escape our own lives or we can take things from these experiences and apply them to our lives and live better. We learn with everyword we read.

I love movies. Kind of oxy-moronic to love both reading and movies considering because of movies, no one reads anymore, but I really do love movies. They are basically books (albeit many are really crappy) but with real human emotion. Not the bias of the reader. Actors are characters brought to life. Therefore, Colin Firth = Darcy!

I love vampires. Oddly enough, they are everything I strive to be. Not human parasites, but creatures who get to live forever and learn all the world can offer. They can see the entire world and experience everything. Every true human experience. Vampires are achingly beautiful. Classic Dracula-esque vampires. Not the new vampires which now amazingly have an allergy to silver (anyone ever heard of a werewolf?).

I love my family. I don't know where I would be without every one of my 5 siblings. At times I know I get mad or even furious, but they are truly all blessings. My parents, o man Marge and Tony, don't even get me started. My mom is definitely my best friend though she can be pissy and Tony makes me laugh so hard that I feel pain in my sides.

I love learning. I have a true passion for knowledge. That's why I would love to be a vampire. They can live forever and learn the whole time, but they aren't rushed. Lucky devils!

I love life. Despite my angsty moments, I love to live. I love experiencing new situations though I very rarely experience new people because I am so shy. I need to work on that.

I love my friends. All my new friends at Villa are all so original and interesting. They have exposed me to so many new things and I can't een begin to think of the person I would be without them. I still love Carri. It's odd, but she was my first true love. Not at all in a sexual way, but we had the deepest connection I've ever had with another human being. She will forver be carried with me. She is my soul mate.

I love this moment right now. I love you. Thank you for being you. Even if I don't know you, you are amazing and special and you are someone's blessing. Remember that before you throw it all away.
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