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Belated Gifts (edited):

I got the first FLCL manga from Mandy, sylvangirl. And the second Trigun manga from Christa, coconut_kismet. Now I need to buy the second FLCL and the first Trigun. Good thing I've seen the shows. And, is anyone thinking what I'm thinking: manga-style layout? Which shall it be: FLCL or Trigun? Let's insert a super-fun poll!

Poll #248107 New Layout

Should I make a manga layout?

Yes (skip 2)
No (go to 2)

If you said no, what should I do?

Which manga should I use?


If you said other, which manga do you think I should use?

EDIT: I've edited the poll. It was malfunctioning. Please re-vote is you had already done so.
Tags: birthday!, flcl, layout, poll, trigun

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