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End Hiatus:

I am back from New Hampshire. It is quite lovely up there. I wouldn't mind retiring there.

Anyway, so today the principal talked to us about course selection and now I have to take a math next year. That sucks. And since I also want to take Latin 4 and maybe Women in Lit or the film course, I think I'll have to drop AP Bio. Unless I want to take Religion (Christian Lifestyles/World Religions), AP Lit, Democracy/Sociology, H. Latin 4, H. Calculus, and AP Bio, which I don't think I do. Senior fucking year is supposed to be fun, but now I have to take math. Next year will suck as hard as this year. Anyway, I'm too angsty to write at the moment. Hopefully, I can resolve this and be happy with my course selection next year. Doubt it.
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