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Over my dead body:

Same boring things going on over here. It's been snowing quite a bit, and I hope we get a day off tomorrow. Michelle's flying in tonight and I'm really excited! I have to finish reading and marking up The Stranger. I only have 110 pages to read though.

Cambridge sent me mail today. I'm excited. They want me to participate in this summer school-type thing over the summer. I would really love to: 1) it's in England, 2) they have the best Latin department practically in the whole world, 3) it would look great on college apps. Downside: it's $5395, without airfare. Where the hell can I get $6000? All I have is $1000. The only thing I can think of is dealing drugs. ^^; I am sad now.

Well, I have to go read my book, and I was thinking of finally putting up a new layout. Sometimes soon I promise. If I have off tomorrow. It'll be up tomorrow. Ta.
Tags: camus, failure, layout, snow!

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