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I found a prom dress today. It's something I never would have tried on, but Marge wanted me too. I like it. It's a dark purple with a fun beaded flower at the top. It's strapless, so it sort of pinches that fat between my boobs and arms, which gets me mad. But it'll do because it was like 50 dollars.

I changed my layout again. Actually, I just made some changes to the old one. Easier to read a ^^;. I put myself up for review at layout_elitists. I usually wouldn't until I get accepted to awesome_layouts, but I have to wait a week and I'm too impatient. So I'm awaiting get ripped apart.

Anyhow, I think I'll make some new icons, maybe work on a mini-movie icon tutorial in ImageReady for coconut_kismet. Hopefully it won't suck...
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