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Weekend in Review

Friday was prom. I spent most of the day reading Harry Potter 5, then I rushed about like a maniac trying to get ready on time. I didn't. Got to Jacque's 15 minutes late. Was having breakdown over no flowers. Steve bought me an awesome bouquet. I loved him. The drive to the prom was treacherous due to monsoon. Arrived safely, parked in the park. We skipped the receiving line, got our pictures, then went in once it finally opened. We had a lovely time. Danced all night. Went back to Maria's. Feel asleep around 4:30-5. My pad leaked. That was the part that sucked, but Mrs. Grinneby was awesome and now I love her too.

Saturday, I got home around 2, I guess. Sat around for a while. Went to Manda's. We played some gamecube, watched Kill Bill Vol. 1, then went and saw Vol. 2. We saw my pre-calc teacher on a date. I was like, "Oh hell, Pete's here." It was humorous in the worst way. The movie was awesome. I'll make some icons eventually.

Today, I went to church, cleaned my room (still not done), had softball and CYO at the same time. I forgot to call Jared and tell him I wasn't coming. That sucked. I have to type up some Cmaus shit for Lit class. I'm so done with this fucking book. Need to read Passage to India this week.

I'm trying to download Room on Fire. It's not working, damn DSL. The Practice starts in 4 minutes. Yummy James Spader. That was longer than I intended. Sorry about that. Hope all have a lovely week. Ta.

Oh and starslikedice made this fantastic icon. I've made the keyword 'Sirius lives Bitch!' /fandom ranting.


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Apr. 26th, 2004 02:15 pm (UTC)
We saw my pre-calc teacher on a date. I was like, "Oh hell, Pete's here."

Oh hell, someone's gone done poisoned the water hole.
Apr. 26th, 2004 02:24 pm (UTC)
Apr. 26th, 2004 05:40 pm (UTC)
That "oh hell" thing made me think of a redneck. I don't know. Free association, or something.
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