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So, yesterday was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Spirit day was lots of fun with the moon bounce and slide.
Troy was maddening. How could they condense a ten year war into 3 weeks?! It's pronounced men-a-lay-us, not men-a-louse. Indeed, good ole Menelaus doesn't die. The love story between Paris (who was apparently raised a prince and cool) and Helen was false. She faihtfully returned to Menelaus after the war. Andromache doesn't live, and Astyanax, Hector's son, gets killed. They pulled out all god interference. Briseis did exist, but was not Priam's neice. Where the hell was Hecuba? Odysseus was cool (Sean Bean...yummmm.) Yea, done my follow-canon-goddamnit! rant. Although, Brad Pitt's ass made up for it was nice.
Ghost put on Tommy. Fantastic job for certain cast members. Their Tommy wa fantastic, even though he was only a sophomore. MTG was a great acid queen. But there were many mic mishaps, and often dialogue could not be heard over the goddamn band.
New Spin magazine. Macauley Culkin article. Pictures will be scanned and iconned. And, there was some Yeah Yeah Yeah pics if anyone wants them scanned.
Off to icon.
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