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Let me be with you

I just finished typing up the latin review and sending it out. It's a lovely three pages. I typed up all the forms of fio. Why am I such a nerd? I just hope it helps ^^;

I'm really glad that the debate is over. And now I finally have free time. It's fantastic. The pool is open too, just not swimmable yet. Will be vacuumed by me tomorrow.

I think I'm going to Feztival with Brie and Steve and other people who decide to go. The Strokes, the Darkness, and Franz Ferdinand in one event. Oh, man.

HP in 15 days! I saw a guy who looked like Sirius today. Except he had a beer gut.

Got my schedule for next year today, it blows:
1st period: Religion 4
2nd period: AP Lit
3rd period: AP Bio
4th period: AP Bio (Tues. and Thurs.)
5th period: H. Latin IV
6th period: lunch (too late in the day)
7th period: history
8th period: H. Women in Lit

I have practically no classes with any BRC member. Tis very sad.

And.....I joined bioletti b/c I love chadwinrules and I give a flying fuck about what's happening in her life.
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