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decay on display

So, the past couple of days have been very eventful. They involve much time at Maria's reading about the g-spot, many hours of pool time that induces a horrible sunburn, and reading She's Come Undone almost entirely last night.

Last night, I watched the last episode of Bebop. Julia dies like Sirius, too quickly, too pointlessly. Spike's death kills me. BANG. Lots of death. Lots of sadness. Trigun makes me happy. Vash is silly. Millie is the cutest thing ever. But Wolfwood...aargh.

So anyway, school's out and that's about it. I put in 2 job applications. I need money. Now I shall read my friend's page and comment. Huzzah.
Tags: bebop, books, lj, oh spike!, oh wolfwood!, poor, trigun

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