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Hp Meme

Which character do you love?:Sirius Black
And who do you love to hate?:Dolores Umbridge
Who do you identify with?:Hermione
Who do you hope will die in the next book?:no one
Who's your favorite proffessor?:Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin!
And student?:Oliver Wood, Fred & George Weasley
Favorite character of all the books?:Sirius Black
Which book held the most suspense?:OotP b/c impending!doom
Have you ever spent an entire day reading one of the books?:what true fan hasn't?
Ever go out to buy one of the books at midnight, the day it came out?:nope
And which book was your favorite?:PoA
Were you disappointed with the movies?:Yes b/c I had my own ideas of the characters and the sets
Name one thing you liked about the movies:Just seeing my books in action
And one thing you hated:Non-canon moments!
Which actor did you think was perfect for the part?:Gary Oldman (only after serious consideration), Alan Rickman
And who could have done with a few more acting lessons?:Oh my Danny boy
Who should direct Goblet of Fire?:I enjoy Cuaron, but I don't hate that Columbus is doing it
What's Your Favorite...
Hogwarts House?:Ravenclaw
Family House?:The Burrow
Unforgivable Curse?:Avada Kedavra
Method of Travelling?:Apparition, portkey
Quidditch Position?:Chaser or seeker
Quidditch Team?:Irish National
Hogwarts Class?:Potions, Transfiguration
Hogwarts Ghost?:Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, Peeves
School of Magic?:Hogwarts, Beaxbatons
Store in Diagon Alley?:Flourish and Blotts (b/c I'm a nerd), Ollivander's
Flavor of Bertie Bott's Beans?:peach (boring, I know)
Wizarding Candy?:Fizzing Whizbees
Core Wand Item?:Phoenix feather, unicorn hair
Magical Creature?:Centaur
Wizarding Family?:Weasley, Black
Animagi Form?:dog
Quote from the Books?:Two: 'HE---IS---NOT---DEAD!' - Harry on Sirius' death & 'I don't believe it.' - Phineas on Sirius' death

Harry Potter brought to you by BZOINK!
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