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Started working yesterday. Work is fine. I met a girl with the same initials, KLC, who is also planning to teach a language in secondary school. Weird, huh?
Was reading awesome_layouts where kashmirdreamer posted this thing about extending one's paid account 2 weeks for free, go here to see if you can.
Read this book called Summertime. Was much like Bridget Jones', except this one had children and lived in the country. Have started Chasing Shakespeares about whether or not Shakespeare was a noble or if he actually wrote his work. Interesting, like the Da Vinci Code in that much research went into writing a fictional novel. Eh, should be reading required books.
Have become obsessed with Pete Yorn and The Cure. I love the new Haagan Daz(sp?) commercials.
Missed I love 90, but I'm sure they'll play it again. Got to get ready for work!
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