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Yesterday, it was raining when work was over. So I waited to see if Marge would pick me up at the door. She didn't. I was so pissed. So I walked all the way to the street. She wasn't there. I waited in the rain for 5 minutes, then called home (no one answered), and walked all the way back to work. In the rain. But Marge finally showed up, and I had a good time walking in the rain. That will be forever used to guilt trip though, 'You left me out in the rain alone!'

Cute boy was at work today. He's so cute. Except, I've developed this hatred for him. I was all alone today b/c Kim didn't come in like she said she was. There I was all alone at break and he didn't talk to me. Then he kept looking at me all afternoon, but I tried my hardest to ignore him because he missed his chance. Stupid boy.

I'm going to go hang out with Audrey. I've decided against showering today. Huzzah. And Carri let me borrow Party Monster. Expect me to cap the shit out of that.
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