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where would love be without wishful thinking?

work today was excellent. talked with all the kids from black trevose. they're funny. cute boy worked on my line, so i got to stare at him all day. he gets cuter every day. its sick because i don't even know his name. pete? tom? maybe? wore my david bowie t-shirt and generated lots of conversation. unfortunately not with cute boy. oh well.

went to the gym on monday. personal trainer kicked my ass. my abs still hurt. but i'm glad.

getting paid and sleeping over carri's tomorrow. getting drunk. excitement b/c vinnie will be there. i <3 vinnie.

going out to dinner with my mimi tonight. i'm excited b/c she's awesome.

i want to see the village on friday. i'll make carri and audrey. huzzah.

jamie duminiak has a livejournal. little_weinus. i'm so excited.
Tags: exercise, lj, mimi, movies, north tech, shyamalan, substance abuse, the village

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