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i was at a day spa, D - A - I - Y - E

I bought Zoolander the other day at Target. I love that movie, so many cameos.

I've been feeling slightly depressed lately, which is odd because I don't have emotions. Oh well. I'm sure I'll get over it eventually. Audrey wants me to get blood work because I exhibit self-destructive behavior and she thinks I have this thyroid problem which could develop into bi-polar disorder. Or I'm just in a funk. She doesn't get it.

Uhmm, school's not so bad right now. Already dropped bio. Not too excited about basic art. Actually, I'm not excited at all. Pretty mad, actually. Damn full classes that I want.

I did my homework. Holy shit.
Tags: failure, feelings, gross consumerism, movies, personal, school, zoolander

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