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sunshine been keeping me up for days

Elliott died a year ago today. Tuesday his new CD came out and Wednesday I bought it. It is very raw and vulnerable. Almost hurtful in a way. I can't believe I've only been listening to him since I found out he died. That's fucked up on numerous levels.

Tomorrow is Big Sister/Little Sister Day. I'm a big sister now, how odd; I'm getting so old.

I'm starting to feel ill. Marge said I look green. Thanks Marge, 17-year-old girls have no need for self-esteem. Silly psychologists.

I was working really well on my Medea paper, until I realized I had to get get Giby's present, then I stopped. And I haven't started again. It was going really well for about 45 pages though.

Give me a book/poem/anything literary to write my paper on. Leave lots of suggestions, and I'll consider every single one.

Do you realize it took me 15 minutes to write this post? That's retarded.
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