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what do you know?

Working on a new style.
Saw Jared at church today. He's doing the Haunted Hallway. Squee!
Put in an app at Starbucks. Yeah, I don't like coffee. I probably won't get hired anyway.
Finished up my common app, except my ACT scores, because I can't remember when I took them, and I can't fucking remember what I got. Yeah, I rewrote my essay. Because the other one sucked balls. The summer between my freshman and sophomore years I saved my sister's life. OK, so that was a little melodramatic, but it’s true.
When my mom became pregnant when I was nine, I distinctly remember wanting another brother because then we could have been The Brady Bunch. God saw it otherwise and blessed us with a little girl, Molly.
When she was a little over 2, she was diagnosed with a form of Leukemia which rarely occurred in people as young as she was. After around 9 months of chemotherapy at St. Chris’s, a children’s hospital in Philadelphia, she went into remission. The family rejoiced and praised God, thanking Him for answering all of our prayers. And believe me, there were a lot of prayers.
She enjoyed a semi-normal childhood for a while. She was allowed to play with the neighborhood kids and her hair grew back. Except for the monthly check-up down at St. Chris’s, she could have been mistaken for an entirely normal child, a blessing which few people realize they have.
However, during my freshman year, she relapsed. This time my faith wavered; I felt betrayed. I felt angry. But Molly was the one suffering and I could do nothing but pray. This time, I didn’t even do that. I realize now that God gave me another way of helping her.
The doctors felt that this time we should attempt a bone marrow transplant, a very dangerous procedure. All five of us were tested in the hopes that we were a match. Both my younger brother and I were complete matches. My parents felt more comfortable with me doing it because I was older, but the doctors wanted me to do it because I was a girl. Either way, I was doing it.
On July 11, I went down to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, CHOP, at six o’clock in the morning. I remember briefly being afraid in pre-op, but then Spongebob came on and everything was OK. I sang the theme song on my way to the operating room. Yes, I was 14 and singing a cartoon theme song, loudly.
Of course, I remember nothing of the procedure, only the anesthesiologist talking to me about my summer vacation. When I woke up, Molly was asleep being given the bone marrow through her broviac tube. Her procedure was slightly less painful than mine, but she deserved it after months of isolation and chemotherapy.
There are many amusing anecdotes from my one night stay in the hospital, one involving me being so anemic that I fainted while crossing the hallway to see Molly, another involving a copious amount of Wa-wa fruit punch, which was supposed to elevate my blood sugar level. However, the most memorable event was Molly going into remission shortly after the procedure. She still is. My family calls me a hero, but I call myself a dutiful sister. Who wouldn’t do everything they could to help a dying 4 year old?

Yeah, it occurs to me that I've never really told anybody at Villa that story. What can I say? I'm a private person, but I needed an interesting essay. Writing it made me cry. I'm such a dork.
Oh yeah, I made a few of new icons from CD covers. The Shins and Wilco, I think. Also, the new layout is the Shins' Oh Inverted World cd cover. Yeah, I'm a nerd.
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